Anker Soundcore Boom Plus vs Tribit StormBox Blast Review – Portable Bluetooth Speaker Comparison

In the realm of portable Bluetooth speakers, the Anker Soundcore Boom Plus commands attention. Built for outdoor use, this robust unit marries durability with sound performance. It boasts an IP67 waterproof rating, making it an ideal choice for open-air events, beach outings, or camping expeditions.

Specification Comparison: Soundcore Boom Plus, Soundcore Boom, and Tribit StormBox Blast

The Soundcore Boom Plus positions itself as a substantial upgrade over its predecessor, the Soundcore Boom. Notably, it incorporates two 30W woofers and twin 10W tweeters, diverging from the original’s dual full-range drivers. The inclusion of twin passive radiators further refines its bass output, offering a balanced yet potent audio experience.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to review the Tribit StormBox Blast—a direct competitor to the Soundcore Boom Plus. Both speakers retail at a similar price point of £170, but the StormBox Blast is occasionally discounted. The StormBox’s weight and dimensions significantly surpass those of the Boom Plus, alongside its higher power output of 90W and larger 18650mAh battery. The StormBox also includes an “XBass LED Light Show” which synchronises RGB lights with music. Despite the numerical advantages, the Boom Plus excels in terms of EQ customisation and its native app.

Design, Build, and Usability

Structurally, the Soundcore Boom Plus is predominantly built of hard plastic with a metal grill, optimising its long-term durability. The inclusion of a detachable shoulder strap and sturdy handle enhances its portability. At either end of its frame, dual large passive radiators are situated, reinforcing its 80W stereo output. Its IP67 rating underscores its resilience against dust and water, ideal for any adventurous outdoor events.

In terms of weight and size, the Boom Plus is far more convenient to handle than the StormBox Blast, making it a more suitable option for diverse applications.

Connectivity Options

The device operates on Bluetooth 5.3 and can simultaneously connect with two different devices. It also accommodates a 3.5mm aux input for wired connections and includes a USB-A output, doubling as a power bank. The range extends up to 20 metres, supporting both SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs—though it does lack aptX support. PartyCast, Soundcore’s proprietary speaker-linking technology, allows for an impressive interconnected ecosystem capable of linking over 100 Soundcore devices.

App Interface and Customisation

The Soundcore mobile app, compatible with iOS and Android, enables extensive EQ customisation. Users have the flexibility to choose from preset options or create their own sound profiles. While the Boom Plus does have fewer preset options compared to Soundcore earbuds, it compensates with Soundcore’s BassUp technology, which elevates the bass at a button press.

Audio Performance

The audio quality of the Boom Plus is indeed commendable. Balanced mids and clear vocals pair well with its bass capacities. High frequencies exhibit a slight roll-off, reducing any excessive sharpness in the audio profile. While the BassUp function adds a fuller dimension to the music, it can overwhelm certain genres. That said, EQ settings can be modified to suit individual preferences.

Battery and Charging

A 13,400mAh battery powers the Boom Plus, providing up to 20 hours of playtime on a single charge. However, enabling the BassUp function or increasing the volume can deplete the battery quicker. Charging is facilitated through USB-C, and the device can even serve as a power bank for other gadgets. A full charge is achieved in approximately 5 hours.

Price Point and Alternatives

With a recommended retail price of £169.99, the Soundcore Boom Plus offers excellent value for money, particularly when discounted to around £120. While the Tribit StormBox Blast may offer more power, the Boom Plus wins in portability, size, and overall value.


The Anker Soundcore Boom Plus presents itself as a robust, powerful, and feature-rich portable Bluetooth speaker. Its thoughtful design, coupled with its sound performance and versatility, validates it as a worthwhile investment. When juxtaposed with competitors like the Tribit StormBox Blast, the Boom Plus excels in several categories. Thus, whether your agenda includes an outdoor escapade or just quality audio indoors, this speaker is highly unlikely to disappoint.

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