Soundcore Motion X500 Review vs X600

The Soundcore Motion X500 is a new portable Bluetooth speaker from Anker’s audio brand Soundcore. It joins the Motion X600 in the lineup as a more compact and affordable option with a lively sound tuned for bass.

Soundcore Motion X500 Review

Overall - 85%


The Soundcore Motion X500 is an excellent portable speaker with an attractive design that has a good balance of portability and power. I have enjoyed the overall sound, with it being a more lively and warmer sound compared to the X600.

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Key features of the Motion X500 include:

  • 40W total output with 3 full range drivers
  • Spatial audio processing for a wider soundstage
  • LDAC and Hi-Res Audio support
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • 12 hour battery life
  • Attractive, compact aluminum design

Sound Quality

I compared the Motion X500 side-by-side with the Motion X600 to examine the sound quality differences. The X600 has a power advantage on paper with 50W total output and dual 20W woofers versus 40W and 15W woofers on the X500.

However, the sound profiles are tuned quite differently. The X600 has more reserved bass even with bass boost enabled. The X500 delivers significantly more bass out of the box, which gives it a more lively, V-shaped sound.

With a neutral EQ setting on both, the bass levels are more similar but the X600 still sounds brighter. The X500 has a warmer, more bass-heavy default sound that many listeners may find more enjoyable for certain genres.

The bass can be a bit boomy at times on the X500 depending on the track. But overall I found the Spatial Signature preset achieved an entertaining sound balance. It’s less reference-quality than the X600 but has more low-end punch.


The Motion X500 has a comparable design to the X600 with an attractive cylindrical shape, top handle, and front grille hiding multiple drivers.

Rather than just being a smaller X600, the proportions have been tweaked to be taller and less wide, taking up less desk space. The LED lighting around the upward-firing driver is retained for a cool look.

For features, the X500 includes the same IPX7 waterproof rating, 12 hour battery life, USB-C charging, and Bluetooth 5.3.

One difference is the X500 has an LED battery indicator rather than the small OLED display on the X600. But core capabilities like Hi-Res Audio, LDAC, and EQ presets remain.

Spatial Audio

Like the X600, the Motion X500 uses virtual spatial audio processing rather than a true multichannel system. The effect isn’t as advanced as Sonos’ psychoacoustic processing but does seem to widen the soundstage.

There’s a clear difference with it enabled, giving a slightly more immersive presentation. It brings out elements of the mix that would otherwise sound more congested.

This works well for movie audio and music. The spatial expansion effect is subtle but noticeable, adding more space and airiness.


The Soundcore Motion X500 delivers powerful audio from a compact chassis at an affordable price. It packs in premium features like Hi-Res Audio and LDAC support that aren’t common at this price point.

While it doesn’t have the refinement of the Motion X600, the bassier tuning gives it a lively sound signature. The spatial audio provides a wider soundstage and more immersive experience.

If you want portable speaker with lively sound and don’t need the X600’s balanced profile, the Motion X500 is an excellent choice with great value. It punches above its size and price class while retaining Soundcore’s sleek, modern aesthetic.

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